art and words dedicated to the children of Palestine

Letters for Palestinian childhoods

Letters for Palestinian childhoods is an online and travelling in-person exhibition of letters, poems, and artwork dedicated to the children of Palestine. It aims to counter dehumanising narratives about Palestinians, showing solidarity by attending to the names, stories, experiences, dreams, and struggles of Palestinian children and the actions of the Western-backed Israeli state which are so violently shaping their lives.

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Lettere all’infanzia palestinese
Lettere all’infanzia palestinese

Excerpts published in DEP - Deportate, esuli, profughe N. 53, 04/2024. Article by Bruna Bianchi and translations to Italian by Bruna Bianchi, Matteo Ermacora, and Serena Tiepolato.

19.03.2024 – present (London, UK)
19.03.2024 – present (London, UK)

Letters for Palestinian childhoods is on display in the Apartheid Free Zone created by UCL Action for Palestine (AFP). AFP is an autonomous group of staff and students working to end UCL's complicity in genocide and apartheid 🕊️ Divest, demilitarise, decolonise!

7.2.2024 – 23.2.2024  (London, UK)
7.2.2024 – 23.2.2024 (London, UK)

Launch: 7th February 2024Exhibit: 7th February - 23rd February 2024Institute of Advanced Studies, Common Ground, University College London,  Gower Street, London, UK, WC1E 6BT Except Palestine: Town-Hall Discussion ( 4-6pm) The panel focuses on the impact of...

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