art and words dedicated to the children of Palestine

Letters for Palestinian childhoods

is an online and in-person travelling exhibition of letters, poems, and artwork dedicated to the children of Palestine.

It aims to counter dehumanising narratives about Palestinians, showing solidarity by attending to the names, stories, experiences, dreams, and struggles of Palestinian children and the actions of the Western-backed Israeli state which are so violently shaping their lives.

November 21, 2023

Dear Yehya

I saw your father holding you, wrapped in white. You were born in this atrocity and killed just two days later. We were told that your death certificate was printed

               Before your birth certificate.

                              Before you gurgled, babbled, spoke and sang and laughed.

                              Before you grew into a cheeky playful child, surrounded by your loving family.

                              Before you had a chance to even imagine a beautiful future.

Yehya, the world has failed you. But we will never forget you as we fight for Gaza’s children, for a world of hope and humanity that your parents must have imagined for you.

With love


Arathi Sriprakash, University of Oxford (UK)

21st November 2023

عزيزي يحيى

رأيت والدك يحملك وأنت ملفوف بكفن أبيض. لقد ولدت وسط هذه الفظاعة و قتلت بعد يومين. لقد تم اخبارنا بأن شهادة وفاتك قد طبعت.

قبل طباعة شهادة ميلادك

قبل أن تناغي و تتكلم و تغني و تضحك

قبل أن تكبر و تصبح طفلا مرحا محاطا بعائلتك التي تحبك

قبل أن تتسنى لك الفرصة لتتخيل مستقبلا أجمل

لقد خذلك هذا العالم يايحيى. لكننا لن ننساك و نحن ونناضل لأجل أطفال غزة و لأجل عالم من الأمل و الإنسانية قد تمنياه والديك لك

بكل حب


أراثي سريبراكاش من جامعة أكسفورد

الحادي و عشرين من نوفمبر 2023

English>Arabic translation by Sharifa K Al Battashi