art and words dedicated to the children of Palestine

Letters for Palestinian childhoods

is an online and in-person travelling exhibition of letters, poems, and artwork dedicated to the children of Palestine.

It aims to counter dehumanising narratives about Palestinians, showing solidarity by attending to the names, stories, experiences, dreams, and struggles of Palestinian children and the actions of the Western-backed Israeli state which are so violently shaping their lives.

December 4, 2023

To the children of Palestine who are living in fear

The world has failed you and robbed you of your childhoods – you have every right to be angry and cry out about the inhumanity that is being inflicted on you, your families and friends.

International conventions that are put in place to uphold your human rights are ignored and you are not being given a chance to grow up in peace and security.

It’s little consolation to you that people all over the world are trying to speak out and call for an end to the injustices you are enduring.

Hope is something we can cling to and I hope and hope that these calls will be heard and that we will find a way to make amends.

 Jacqui O’Riordan, University College Cork (Ireland)

إلى اطفال فلسطين الذين يعيشون في حالة خوف

لقد خذلكم العالم وسلب منكم طفولتكم —حقكم ان تغضبوا وتبكون الوحشية التي تمارس ضدكم وضد عوائلكم ورفاقكم. 

 يتم تجاهل جميع الاتفاقيات الدولية التي وضعت لحماية حقوقكم  وسُلبت

فرصتكم ان تعيشوا وتكبروا بسلام وأمان. 

لا مواساة بأن هنالك اشخاص حول العالم ينادون لوقف الظلم الذي يمارس ضدكم. 

لا يبقى سوى الامل وآمل بأن نداءاتنا هذه ستستجاب وأن نجبر ضرر ما مضى.

جاكي اوريوردان، كلية كورك الجامعية، ايرلندا

English>Arabic translation: Amal Rammah (UK) 

Image: Sunset in West Kerry,  Jacqui O’Riordan (Ireland)